Bonus and Awards Policy

1. Awards are available to Customers who meet the Company’s appropriateness requirements.

2. Award rules acceptance:

Prior to accepting any Award offer, customers shall consider the particular Terms and Conditions associated with the Award and the Bonus and Award Policy, as both may be amended from time to time. Acceptance of the Award is done by placing trade in the Account.

3. Trading the Award

Trading volume is calculated in lots*.

The funds of your deposit(s) to the Account are used prior to the Award.

For example, if you have made a deposit of $250 into the Account, and received an Award of $50 into this Account, upon placing trades the funds of your deposit will be used first. Therefore, if you lose $250, unless you have met the below trading requirements for being able to withdraw your Award, there will be no funds eligible for withdrawal from the Account.

For more information, please contact Customer Support.

4. Volume Conditions:

4.1. Withdrawal

4.1.1. In order for the Customer to be eligible to withdraw the Award, the Customer must execute a minimum trading volume: If the Award amount constitutes at least 20% of the deposited amount(s), the minimum trading volume required will be 20,000$ (Twenty Thousand Dollar US) for every dollar awarded by The Company to the Account (e.g. a Customer who receives $100 Award will need to generate a minimum trading volume of 2,000,000$. (Two Million Dollar US)). If the Award amount constitutes less than 20% of the deposited amount, the minimum trading volume required will be 10,000$ (Ten Thousand Dollar US) for every dollar awarded by The Company to the Account (e.g. a Customer who receives $100 Award will need to have a minimum trading volume of 1,000,000$ (One Million Dollar US).

The volume calculation will include all the awards received on all Customer’s account s.

4.1.2. The Award will be made available for withdrawal only if the required trading volume has been achieved in its entirety. Generating a partial amount of the required trading volume does not grant the ability to withdraw a partial amount of the Award.

4.1.3. Should the Customer withdraw any funds from the Account before completing the required trading volume, the total Award amount may be deducted from the Account. The Customer’s trading volume in the Account will be calculated from the date the Customer receives the Award.

5. Account Terms:

5.1. Customers are prohibited from opening multiple accounts with the Company for the sole purpose of enjoying more than one Award. In such cases the Company shall retain any Award rewarded to the Customer, any earnings will be forfeited, and any amount deposited by the Customer to the Account will be returned to the Customer accordingly. 

6. Risk-free trades

The Company may offer from time to time “Risk-free trades”. A Risk-Free trade is a position that has been opened under the following conditions:

а. Opened for up to 24 (twenty-four) hours. Once the 24 hours are over, the trade becomes a regular trade.

b. Trade has been tagged “risk free” at opening. This can only be done for one trade. Tagging more than 1 (one) risk free trade will be considered as improper and abusive use of the offer, and the Company will immediately cancel the offer.

c. Once the trade is closed, if there is a loss on that trade, the monetary value of that loss will be redeposited into the account.

d. The funds replaced in the account from a losing Risk- F r e e Trade will be subject to bonus conditions based on every $1 received will require a trading turnover of 10,000$ (Ten Thousand Dollar US) in order to withdraw (as described above in section

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