The trading of commodities includes a vast array of products that are mainly traded on global futures exchanges. The world economy is dependant on various commodities to varying degrees. Complex factors drive the supply and demand for energy, metals, and agricultural commodities. This can lead to large price swings as markets attempt to find the price at which supply and demand are balanced.

For traders there are opportunities to trade commodities across all time frames, from minutes to years. Commodity prices tend to establish persistent trends that can last from 5 to 10 years. However, supply and demand can be influenced by weather, geo-political factors, inflation, interest rates, consumer spending and economic conditions. This means new trading opportunities can arise at any time.

AlgoSystem trader’s can access up to 5 major global commodities. These commodities represent the overall movements of some of the largest markets and can all be accessed via our trading platforms.

CommoditiesTrading SymbolTrading Hours (Server Time)
Brent Crude OilUKOUSD01:00 - 24:00
West Texas Intermediate Crude OilUSOUSD01:00 - 24:00
SilverXAGUSD01:00 - 23:59
GoldXAUUSD01:01 - 23:59
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